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Tennis Mates is currently seeking to assist players of all levels in attaining sponsors and sponsorships for the 2010-2011 season and beyond. We have seen an increase in player sponsorship needs and have partnered with various sponsors to assist players who are looking for companies, labels and products to sponsor tennis players. If you are a player seeking a new sponsorship or endorsement please find details below on how you can highly increase your chances of landing that awesome sponsorship. Contact us here with questions.

Tennis Sponsor & SponsorshipsSponsorships in North America reached over 10 Billion dollars in 2005. We show you how to get financed and equipped through previously used sponsorship proposals and hard to find sponsor contact information.

6 things a sponsor (advertiser) wants to hear by Phil Veldheer 2004

(1) "I've got a new customer for you" - Just about all the "advertisers" that I have on my five race cars have something to sell. Lets just say it is an insurance agency. I am always trying to promote that Insurance agency and one particular agent that has been there for a long time. You have to be able to trust this person and make sure they will take care of your lead after the sale also. One other reason to send all the leads to one person is they can tell the owner how many leads that you send the company.

(2) "I got you five Public Address announcements this weekend at the race track." - At a recent major drag racing event, I do what I always try to do every weekend that we are racing, bring a list to the tower for the announcers to mention when your race car(s) are at the line. It is really fun when you know the "advertiser" is at the track, in the stands and can hear every word that you wrote down mentioned by the announcers as "his" car went down the track.

(3) "Yes, I can bring my race car(s) to your special event" - It happens every year. Even though you have an advertiser on your race car and you send the bi-weekly results with FUTURE DATES listed on the bottom of your schedule months ahead of time, someone always calls us one week before a grand opening or special event and asks us to come and display our race cars. I WILL DO ANYTHING and EVERYTHING possible to get all five race cars there. I know of a particular race team in my area that was supposed to be at about 4 different events in the last two years that my race team attended and FAILED TO SHOW. It was the same story ever time, "they are working on their race car and couldn't make it" I just listen and don' say anything, but laugh at the poor people that pay this team money to "advertise" on that race car.

(4) "What can I do to promote your company (or product) better?" - You have to ask the question, you have to find out what your "advertiser" thinks about the job you are doing. It is a lot smarter to find out half way through a racing season that you were not doing what your "advertiser" wanted OR expected. You will have a lot easier time renewing the "advertiser" for the next season of racing if you get all the expectations, promises and commitments finished and done correctly before the season ends.

(5) "I've got a new product idea for you" - The PRI Show is coming up next month and at last years event, I actually took with me two new products that I came up with and gave samples to one of my product sponsors. They loved the idea and was glad I gave them an actual product to see and have.

(6) "Look at today's newspaper on page xx and you will see your logo on "our" race car in perfect focus" - It is sometimes easier to get your race car(s) in some newspapers by taking them to non-racing events, or who you take along to the race track. I recently gave photos to some local newspapers showing one of my race cars that had given "ride-a-longs" at a major event. We sold tickets to win a chance to ride in the car my son-in-law drives that we installed an extra seat and racing seat belts. This year we asked the local Humane Society and the year before we sold tickets for a Holland Hospice. We sell ten tickets at 50.00 each and the winner is drawn from a hat and they get the ride along. We try to do this way in advance and get free tickets and parking for the winner. The race track and the race event are also winners in this with all the added exposure.

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