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Be a Special part of Team Tennis Mates

Looking for contributors
Well first off,
the team is proud to divulge that we have thousands of tennis players registered currently and that hundreds of players visit the site daily. In gearing up to make a better experience for everyone at Tennis Mates the Team and I, Scott Bruno, Inventor of Tennis Mates, have decided to engage the Tennis Mates community and place some of the functions into the hands of the community. What does this mean might you ask? We are looking for people who can contribute things to the Tennis Mates website hence making it a more enjoyable experience for all. So in essence we are looking for people who like to write, people who like to take pictures, people who like to design images and the such, all to contribute to the Tennis Mates web presence. Below we will get into further details concerning our needs and should you think that you can contribute than apply now and let's get the ball rolling!

Pro Player or College Player Blog *
We would like to find a pro player, preferably Top 100, or a top college player to hold a daily or weekly blog here at Tennis Mates. Please contact us for further details on the Pro Player contributor position >>

Newsletter Writer *
This person, or persons, would be charged with writing a monthly newsletter that would touch on the latest happenings at Tennis Mates, the pro tour minimally, a chosen local tennis hotspot somewhere in the world, a Tennis Vacation spot perhaps, and stories of players meeting with others or an "Off Beat" column. We will leave the format and design up to those who will be writing the newsletter. Please contact us for further details on the Newsletter Writing contributor position >>

Photographer (Picture taker) :) *
Here we are asking for just ordinary people who love tennis and are heading to the Pro tennis match or the college match to take their digital camera along and snap some photos of the players and matches. Perhaps even get a small video if they can. Once we get the images we will give full credit to the people who took the pictures and again this contribution will be a great element allowing to share across country the different tournaments, players and angles of fans vantage points. Please contact us for further details on the Photographer contributor position >>

Column Writers *
Here we are looking for people who enjoy writing and the sport of tennis. Someone who can invent a topic of interest and flow with it each month bringing to the tables a writing piece which would be an integral part to the newsletter.
Please contact us for further details on the Column Writer contributor position >>

Editor *
If you are very nit picky about punctuation, capital letters, spaces, alignment and all that great stuff than we want you in this spot. The editor essentially will over-see the entire production of the newsletter and insure that when it goes to the masses that all is in order, or it's the editors butt! J/K.
Please contact us for further details on the Editor contributor position >>

* These are all volunteer positions however, if Tennis Mates at some point migrates to a pay model these positions could become paying positions.




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