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Looking for a new tennis player or tennis partner to play tennis with? Wished that finding a tennis player to play tennis with? Look no further. Whether a Beginning tennis player, Intermediate or Advanced tennis player, now there's Tennis Mates, a free, easy-to-use tennis player matching service - no credit cards, no charges, NO SPAM, nothing but a fast and simple registration, Sign up and play!!!!!

Help spread the word via our "Tell a Friend" page. And lastly, we ask that you click on this page, print it out, and place it at your club or in your office common area. Together we can make this a fun success for all tennis players everywhere!

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HOT NEWS! - The 2007 U.S. Open Preview  MORE Tennis News for free click to read more free tennis news

FREE TENNIS VIDEOS - Tennis Mates has now started to offer free tennis videos of all types. Come check out the latest and also let us know if you would like to see a certain type of tennis video.Tennis News for free click to read more free tennis news

BUD FUN! - The Basel Dazzle, the Lithuanian Lion, Captain Hook, the Siberian Siren - Heard of any of these sporting good tennis names?  MORE Tennis News for free click to read more free tennis news

HOT LINKS - Tennis Mates climbs to an all time high of #82 in the Top 100 Tennis Sites, beating out some very popular tennis websites. Tennis News for free click to read more free tennis news

NEWS - On Pete Sampras, "He Deserved Better". MORE Tennis News for free click to read more free tennis news

NEWS - Time is Now for Rafa.

THE GALLERY - We've added several pictures of the Legendary Pete Sampras. MORE

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NEWS - Re-Thinking the Davis Cup.

NEWS - The Chase for No. 1!!

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This weeks Tennis Tip from Master Pro Ken DeHart

The launch of our 2006 advertising specials!

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Take the Visual Stress Test!!!

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Pete Sampras, Bridgette and Christian.

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